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New Student Recreation Center

Questions and Answers

Why does the university want to build a new student recreation center?

How much would it cost to build a facility like that? How would it be paid for?

Would students have to begin paying the fee as soon as the board approves it?

How much would the fee be?

That is about $33 - $41 a month for undergrads and $25 - $33 a month for grads. Isn’t that more than some gym memberships cost?

Why does there need to be a student fee to pay for it? Why can’t something else pay for it?

Why don’t we just build a much smaller building? Wouldn’t that be cheaper?

Couldn’t the Foundation defray the cost through private fundraising?

This will increase the cost of attending the university. How will this affect financial aid?

If student fees rise above a certain level, won’t that endanger the ability of international graduate students to attend UConn?

Graduate student stipends have not increased in two years and now you are talking about instituting a new fee on top of what they already pay?

Not everyone would use this building. Why does everyone have to pay for it?

If UConn’s student population increases – which it will if Next Generation Connecticut is passed – would having more students paying the fee mean it could be reduced?

Once the building is built, will students be charged for memberships? Or will new fees be instituted to pay for equipment?

Could faculty, staff and alumni buy memberships and help defray the cost to students?

Will this be for all students’ use at all times, or are there times when portions of the building will be for use by varsity athletes only, for example?

Who decides whether or not students will pay this fee?

How can students share their views on this with the university?

Can we share our views with the board before the semester is over?

If the university does recommend the project and related fee to the board, when would it be voted on?